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    Gender MaleFemale

    Student's Level of English BeginnerIntermediateAdvanced

    I understand that:

    1. Data collected on the form will be processed by CCL staff

    2. CCL will keep the information confidential, and will not make copies of any of the data beyond that necessary for running the course

    3. Special category personal data (about health and dietary requirements) will be held only by relevant personnel at CCL and will not be shared with other people

    4. The data will not be held indefinitely and will not be used for marketing purposes. Special category personal data will be destroyed within two months of the end of the course.

    5. I can submit a request in writing to ask CCL to delete any data held about me at any time.


    I am sending a deposit of £300, of which £100 is a non-refundable enrolment fee and £200 is a deposit for course fees