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Our 2019 Brochure

The Cambridge Centre for Languages is pleased to announce the arrival of our brochure for summer 2019, in a choice of eight different languages! Follow the links below to download the brochure(s) of your choice, and come along to our home page to reserve yourself a place before they are all taken.

CCL Brochure for 2019 (English)

CCL Brochure for 2019 (Arabic)

CCL Brochure for 2019 (Chinese)

CCL Brochure for 2019 (French)

CCL Brochure for 2019 (Italian)

CCL Brochure for 2019 (Russian)

CCL Brochure for 2019 (Spanish)

CCL Brochure for 2019 (Turkish)

Congratulations to the winner of our 2018 video competition!

Thanks to everyone who entered our video competition, and the 50 people who voted over the weekend. We now have a winner! Everyone please give a warm round of applause to…..


























Mikhail wins a free two-week English summer camp in Cambridge in 2018 (visa and flight tickets not included)

In second place we have Angela!



Angela wins the tuition fees of a two-week English summer camp in Cambridge in 2018!

Congratulations Mikhail and Angela! We look forward to seeing you both this summer. And thanks to everyone who participated in the competition.

George and the English


One of the many things that make England slightly unusual is that we don’t have a ‘National Day’ or an  ‘Independence Day’. The closest thing we have is the day of our patron saint, St George, though it isn’t a national holiday, and many people may not even be aware of it.

The real Saint George was a Greek Roman soldier who lived in what is now Turkey about 1700 years ago. The Saint George more familiar to English people is a mythological version – a brave knight who killed an evil child-eating dragon. The national flag of England is the St George’s Cross, shown above. It is one of the three flags that make up the British flag, commonly known as the Union Jack.

Read more about Saint George and watch an animated video at the British Council website here.

Today is also United Nations English Language Day. The 23rd of April was chosen because it is the date “traditionally observed as both the birthday and date of death of William Shakespeare”. Other dates were selected for the celebration of the UN’s other five official languages.