Homestay Hosting

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Each year, the Cambridge Centre for Languages welcomes hundreds of international students to Cambridge. There are huge benefits of hosting for both hosts and students.


Why you should apply today…



  • Earn some extra money from your spare room
  • Learn more about another culture
  • Facilitate and enrich the learning experience of the student


  • It ensures a truly immersive experience learning the local language outside of their scheduled classes
  • Receive the opportunity to learn about British culture and ways of life
  • Ensures a continuation of family life and support while they are away from home



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From Monday to Friday, students require breakfast and an evening meal, to be enjoyed in the company of their host family. Lunch is provided by the school on week days.

On Saturday and Sunday lunch should also be provided. On some days, this will be a packed lunch as students attend excursions on some weekend days. On days where there is no excursion, students require lunch to be provided at home.

Speaking other languages

There is no need to speak an additional language! A part of students’ development is to immerse themselves in the language and culture of the UK. The expectation is that households will speak in English with the students, allowing them to continue practising English outside of usual school hours.

Length of Stay

The length of stay for each student is varied depending on their study programme. Students will stay for at least 1 week, and their stay can be as long as 6 weeks!

CCL Support

The Cambridge Centre for Languages is passionate about the development and welfare of each and every student that we welcome to the UK.

A student’s schedule

From Monday to Friday our students attend our school. The students eat breakfast with their HomeStay Host before leaving for the day, before returning home to share dinner with the family. In the evenings, the students are offered a variety of social activities, free time and occasionally the opportunity to spend an extended evening with their host!

Why choose CCL?

Established in 1982, we are a family run organisation with vast experience in education and working with HomeStay Hosts. We can offer block bookings at competitive prices.

Cambridge Centre for Languages is passionate about the development and welfare of each and every student that we welcome to the UK. Any student in your care is in our care and we are committed to providing a truly immersive experience in both British language and culture.