How to get a great IELTS Score!

How to get a great IELTS Score!

Hi! I’m Charlotte.

I come from Guangzhou, a big city in the south of China. I came to England for a better education. I have been preparing for my IELTS test at The Cambridge Centre for Languages and now I’m studying for a one year GCSE course in Cambridge. My dream is to study in and English University and I’m trying my best to achieve it!

I would like to share my understanding of studying for IELTS and my experience of studying English with The Cambridge Centre for Languages.

When I was told by a sixth form college that I really want to enrol with that I need to achieve a minimum 6.5 IELTS score in about 2 months, I was in quite a panic! I was uncertain if I could achieve it because my English was quite bad, especially writing skills, and I knew nothing about IELTS.  But I was ready for hard work.

And it was hard: I had a 90 minute IELTS lesson twice a week and had to do two practice tests including listening and writing and an essay after each lesson. At first, I found it quite difficult to balance my school and IELTS. I was preparing for my Physics Olympia, Maths challenge as well as the IELTS exam. But I tried to squeeze my time and made a study plan every day. After about two weeks, I started to manage time much better and do things more efficiently. The most difficult thing for me is to write the essays. I found them rather dull and frustrating.

But thanks to Sophie, my IELTS teacher at The Cambridge Centre for Languages, I did it!  I couldn’t have done so much practice or written scores of essays without her pushing me through it and she improved my writing considerably.

After 2 months’ hard work, I took the exam. During the speaking test, I got too nervous when I didn’t talk long enough in part 2. Despite all the great preparation Sophie had helped me with, I had run out of ideas and I knew I didn’t do well in that part of the test right after the exam.

Besides Speaking, everything was fine. When I got the result, I was truly surprised. I never expected to be capable of getting an overall 7.5 and in fact a 9 in reading!

I think it’s not only because I did a lot practice, but also I read quite a lot. I really enjoy reading and I read the New Scientist magazine every week because of my personal interest. I think reading these kinds of magazines helps a lot because the articles in it are quite similar to the passages in IELTS Reading.

All in all, I am of the opinion that, as long as you do a lot of practice and have the right skills, you can get the result you want. Good luck!

If you would like to know more about studying IELTS, Cambridge exams or generally improving your English, speak to us at the Cambridge Centre for Languages!


7 Super reasons to study English in Cambridge!

7 Super reasons to study English in Cambridge!

Everyone at The Cambridge Centre for Languages is looking forward to welcoming students for another year of our Summer English language and activity courses. We can’t wait to help our learners improve their English skills while having lots of fun meeting new friends and spending time in the beautiful city of Cambridge – the home of the world famous University!

We think Cambridge is the best place in the UK to learn English, and here’s why…!


  1. The greatest University in the world (we think so!)

Everywhere you turn in Cambridge, you can see that this city is filled with the impressive architecture of the University college buildings.  There is King’s College, Trinity and so many more colleges… in fact, there are 31 colleges that make up the University. Which one will be your favourite? And don’t forget the Botanic Gardens!


  1. Punting on the river Cam

You can’t leave Cambridge without taking a punt down the river Cam on a sunny day! This is by far the best way to see the historical buildings and eye-catching scenery that are all along the river. Take a chauffeur-driven punt, or if you are feeling adventurous have a go yourself! Don’t forget to take lots of photos along the way.


  1. The best English language tuition in the UK

Cambridge has some of the best and most established language centres in the country, and at The Cambridge Centre for Languages, we are very proud of our qualified and dedicated teachers and social activity team. We are sure that you will be much more confident in your English after spending time here!


  1. A world City

Cambridge plays host to people from all over the world because of the University students, tourists and workers in the scientific, technology and healthcare industries of which Cambridge is an international leader. Walking in the busy market square, or along the old town street, you can hear such a rich variety of accents and see so many cultures coming together – many learning English together.


  1. History at your fingertips

The city of Cambridge has been around for a while – over  800 years! Wherever you go, you will be sure to find a historical treasure. There are also many world-class museums all over the city like The Fitzwilliam or Sedgwick. Not only ancient history – The Centre for Computing History is also a great place to visit!


  1. Safe and sound

One of the important things to remember about Cambridge is that it’s a small, safe and friendly city. It’s very easy to find your way around on public transport, on foot or even on a bicycle. In fact riding a bike is the most popular way to get from A to B in Cambridge!


  1. So much to see and do!

Everyone can find something fun to do in Cambridge. There are so many art galleries, theatres, music and performances everywhere – something for all ages and interests. There ae also many festivals such as the Big Weekend and lots of science festivals all year round. If that is not enough, check out all the beautiful parks and open spaces to relax in and enjoy.


If you would like to know more about studying English in Cambridge, our courses, accommodation and social activities programmes –   contact us!